I just received my new portable frequency counter in the mail, so I decided to take some pictures of it. The counter is a Yaege FC-1 from 409shop, but it’s also available from a lot of other stores for about $50.

Yaege FC-1 front
Yaege FC-1 inside

The FC-1 covers a wide frequency range (10Hz – 2.6GHz) and it’s easy to keep it in a pocket because of its small size. The internal construction looks very good and I can’t find anything obviously wrong with it, except for the scratched off markings on what I believe is the main controller.

Yaege FC-1 inside bottom

Crystal oscillator and controller with scratched off markings

Yaege FC-1 inside top

RF front-end and range switch relay

The frequency counter comes with three rechargeable batteries and a USB charger and is definitely great value for money, considering its wide frequency range and relatively low price.